With our dedication to hands-on training and no more than two students per instructor we guarantee that you get the personal training you are paying for. The successful outcome of a small and committed team is most always better than that of large cumbersome ones.  Fewer distractions and the ability to ask questions without feeling foolish guarantee that your questions will be answered.

You will get the attention you deserve.

All courses starts on a Monday and finish end of day on  Saturday. (8 am – 6 pm)

One Week Accelerated EFI Course:  ($5500.00)

The one week accelerated course is a 6 day fast paced one on one class and are for those who have a thorough understanding of how four and two stroke engines work. Although not necessary, a basic understanding of engine management systems  would be an advantage.  (20 + hrs of dyno time)

The course covers Engine Fundamentals, EFI Components, Electronics,  Engine Tuning, Dyno Operations, Tuner Tools and Helpful Formulas.

Two Week EFI Course: ($11000.00)

Not all has the ability to learn at the same speed  or  has the ability to take in and store information at the same pace. We  therefore offer the One Week Accelerated EFI Course:  over a period of two weeks. The content of the two week course is exactly the same than that of the one week course but is given at a much slower pace.
(40+ hrs of dyno time)

Incentive for the two week EFI course only: If you bring a partner or friend with you to the two week class that partner or friend does not have to pay for the class.


Call us today to book your EFI Training class. 281-933-2262

Our setup allows for the ability to teach, back to back, the various techniques required to tune for normal aspirated, supercharged and turbo charged on the same engine.


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